Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Team Tan

We have an awesome deal right now for the sun-resistant: $60 for $125 worth of services from Island Spray Tan. Island Spray Tan has two very unique, very awesome things going for it: they use all-natural organic products, and they come to your work/home/movie set/whatever and do the spray tan for you there. How many companies still make house calls like that??

They do a custom job, so whether you're already bronzed or painfully pale (like me), the tan will look natural. You can either use your SocialBuy for a one-time thing or put the amount toward a monthly membership.

The whole vampire-Twilight-craze made being pale moderately more acceptable. But seeing as I *don't* want to be associated with any team of the Edward or Jacob variety, I think I'm going to get in on today's SocialBuy. (One of my Twitter pals, @tanningshoptips, held a contest to see who could do the best job of giving Edward Cullen a fake bake - check it out here)

Like I said, Island Spray Tan does a customized tan for you, so I know I won't get Jersey Shore Orange. I really don't want to go super-tan; just enough so that I look sun-kissed. Vampires be damned - I'm joining the dark side.

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