Monday, March 22, 2010


Hey Tweeps!

We're having our first-ever Twitter contest today. If people RT our message, they can win 2 tickets to our upcoming event with Schmoozd at WokCano on March 25th. Here's the message:

TWITTER CONTEST! RT this to win 2 tix to our Schmoozd mixer at WokCano on March 25 #socialbuy

Here are the details:
  • This contest runs until midnight Pacific time on Wednesday (when the deal expires)
  • A winner will be randomly selected to win two tickets to our event (details here)
  • Anyone and everyone is welcome to buy the deal on their own at SocialBuy
  • Winner must be 21+ (sorry!)
If you have any questions, leave them in the comments and I'll come back and answer them. You can also ask by RT'ing socialbuy_jess.

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