Thursday, February 11, 2010

Today SocialBuy is featured on, an innovative online marketing idea from a couple of Minnesota entrepreneurs and a New York-based model named Tanaya Henry. At the beginning of the year, she set up a calendar. Anyone who wanted their business or product featured on her site "bought" a day. New Year's Day was $1, Jan. 2 was $2, Jan. 3 was $3, etc.

Every day, she does a mini "photo shoot" wearing the t-shirt. Here are our shots!

Tanaya has started to garner attention for her unusual work:

"She’s Wearing a HootSuite Shirt ~ And She’ll Wear Yours Too" - HootSuite
"Model Tanaya Henry Becomes Human Billboard" - Huffington Post
"'She Wears Your Tee:' A Minnesotan Creation" - WCCO
"Pay A Model For Your Shirt On Her Back" - Coco Perez

It's great to see people coming up with innovative ideas for internet marketing. Check it out today for her writeup on SocialBuy!

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